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Friday, 6 January 2017

Ep 28- Wildcards and Gladrags

It's here- NFL20 Ep 28!

A mere 2 or 3 weeks after our last pod, Whetstone's fourth biggest NFL studs are back with more American Foozball goodness.

This week it's about the Wildcard previews, as teams good and shit from all over the NFL fight over who gets to lose to New England. Even Minnesota has its part to play. Featuring as usual are some terrible puns, two of which we apologize for (and many which we don't). Who's that Other Guy in Oakland's backfield? Will A-A-ron Rodgers outclass Eli in the cold? How in the world can Miami keep up with the Steelers? And just how will ex-basketball player John Fant hold up against a sterling Detroit pass rush? We don't know any of this, but we guessed.

Also included is a free guaranteed* money-making scheme known as Amberish's Superbowl probabilities. Which is ironic because Amberish received a scam phone call during the making of this pod. But our man has shrugged off the heated attentions of 'Kate Mark' at 'Digital Network Services' and laid down the percentages of each team winning the Superb Owl, and one team has come out on top. By quite a long way. And it ain't Miami.

Live long and prosper!

*not guaranteed

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