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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

NFL20 Episode 21

NFL 20 Episode 21!

After promising to deliver a podcast to our fans a mere 4 days after Episode 20, Amberish and Andrew return with Episode 21, a mere 3 weeks later.

It's another emotional episode as Amberish continues to sound like a robot (but less so) over Skype, and the words 'Peyton' and 'fail' are said in the same sentence, in fact right next to each other.

Elsewhere, we look at (nearly) all the 5-0 teams in the league and review just how the Colts called in the 2005 Madden All-Stars to beat Tennessee. Other highlights include the resumption of 'Call That A Bet, Sir', a superb Richard Sherman drop, and a bit of Amberish singing which I said I'd edit out, but didn't!