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Saturday, 21 November 2015

NFL20 Episode 22

Welcome back to the NFL20 Podcast!
After another ‘brief’ hiatus, Whetstone’s (fourth) finest NFL minds are back with our FOURTH (not third like Andrew said in the pod itself) episode of the season. In Week 11. Naturally.
This installment sees the return of various joyous NFL20 tropes old and new. Amberish gets to rip Rob Ryan properly this time. There’s a mention of the famous 37-Burger, as well as ghostly Hakeem Nicks alter-ego Akiem Hicks, and the return of our perhaps-confusing use of James Bond actors to denote how well Andy Dalton is playing*.
Elsewhere Andrew bets that Peyton Manning will never play again, we learn a fascinating factoid about baked beans, hear some outlandish Superb-Owl picks (not really) and our fans create an almighty ruckus all episode long- by which we mean Andrew’s laptop fans, and he couldn’t remember how to reduce the noise. Trust me, you get used to it eventually.
Are you ready for some PODBAAALLL??!?!

*It’s a Timothy Dalton reference, Sean Connery being the highest rating on the James Bond scale and George Lazenby being the lowest. This scale can only be applied to Andy Dalton, or I suppose if another quarterback comes in the league with a Bond actor’s surname like…Dave Brosnan or something.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

NFL20 Episode 21

NFL 20 Episode 21!

After promising to deliver a podcast to our fans a mere 4 days after Episode 20, Amberish and Andrew return with Episode 21, a mere 3 weeks later.

It's another emotional episode as Amberish continues to sound like a robot (but less so) over Skype, and the words 'Peyton' and 'fail' are said in the same sentence, in fact right next to each other.

Elsewhere, we look at (nearly) all the 5-0 teams in the league and review just how the Colts called in the 2005 Madden All-Stars to beat Tennessee. Other highlights include the resumption of 'Call That A Bet, Sir', a superb Richard Sherman drop, and a bit of Amberish singing which I said I'd edit out, but didn't!


Friday, 25 September 2015

NFL20 Episode 20!

NFL20 Episode 20!

Join Greater Whetstone's most handsome NFL podcasting duo as we arrive at our momentous 20th Episode, and uncover the NFL's most pressing issues:

-We have the last word on Deflategate. Why? Because we're the only ones still talking about it.
-We delve into the mysteries of the mythical SeaBears game, and find out which marine mammal Jimmy Clausen has been known to throw downfield.
-Meanwhile, everything else is backwards- Amberish and Andrew agree that Carolina will beat the Saints, that Peyton Manning is sh*t (ish), and that the Jets are an awesome team. Unbelievable scenes.

Mini disclaimer- we do hope you are not offended by Amberish's android robot voice, as this episode was made over Skype, and through recording on a mobile phone. Do not fear, Amberish has not yet become a machine.

And stay tuned 'til the end for Andrew's highly original Superbowl pick!*

*not really.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

NFL20 Episode 19

Episode 19 of the NFL20 Podcast- one of the top four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone area!

In this slightly-delayed podcast we go on about a few select players from the 2015 NFL draft, and find out which rookie has the dodgiest hairline.

Then, Amberish's favourite topic- a suspensions recap!

And finally, we go over 'Ballgazi', or 'Deflategate' and recap just what the Patriots have been doing to their balls that has everyone all upset.

A real offseason doozy I think you'll agree.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Episode 18: Free Agents and Retirements

Another classic episode of One of the top Four NFL podcasts in The Greater Whetstone area

This week we discuss Free Agents, Retirements, and a very special Franchise Tag.

Andrew also reviews the Power Ranger TV Show, Alex tell us his revolutionary theory, and Amberish tries to sing Toto...and fails...badly!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Episode 17: Turns out The Butler did it

The Super-Bowl recap episode of one of the top Four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone are!

This week we talk about the Greatest Super-Bowl Ever to happen in the last 12 months, and why it may not have been Pete Carrol's fault.

We also recap some of the bets laid down between Andrew and Amberish and see who won what.

And the spectre of cannabis looms large over the NFL once again; this time not in the hands of Josh Gordon.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

NFL 20 Episode 16: Two many Bowls

Episode 16 of One of the top four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone area!

This week we discus Josh Gordon, The LA Rams, and the Ballgazi affair.

We also talk about Football; including the Conference Championships, and the Superbowl (successfully ignoring the Probowl)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

NFL20 Episode 15- Return of the Kings

Welcome (back) to the NFL20 Podcast- one of the top four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone area!

Firstly we must apologize profusely to our dedicated listeners (both of them) for going missing for over a month. Various cocktails of illnesses and travelling have kept us away from our one true passion- wowing you with our lack of knowledge. But we're back, just in time for the pointy end of the season!

In this week’s episode Amberish tells us about stomach staplings, we hear about that great Broncos
quarterback Walter Payton, and Andrew recalls some Jay Cutler bathroom antics
(which may or may not have happened). Also, we imagine the greatness that would
be Jay Cutler making throws to surprise wide receiver…Carson Palmer.