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Friday, 25 September 2015

NFL20 Episode 20!

NFL20 Episode 20!

Join Greater Whetstone's most handsome NFL podcasting duo as we arrive at our momentous 20th Episode, and uncover the NFL's most pressing issues:

-We have the last word on Deflategate. Why? Because we're the only ones still talking about it.
-We delve into the mysteries of the mythical SeaBears game, and find out which marine mammal Jimmy Clausen has been known to throw downfield.
-Meanwhile, everything else is backwards- Amberish and Andrew agree that Carolina will beat the Saints, that Peyton Manning is sh*t (ish), and that the Jets are an awesome team. Unbelievable scenes.

Mini disclaimer- we do hope you are not offended by Amberish's android robot voice, as this episode was made over Skype, and through recording on a mobile phone. Do not fear, Amberish has not yet become a machine.

And stay tuned 'til the end for Andrew's highly original Superbowl pick!*

*not really.