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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Ep 27- A Sci-Fi Prediction Adventure

Welcome to Ep 27, NFL20 fanboys!

Due to Amberish being utterly swamped with wearing pyjamas, and deciding which pyjamas to wear, he was unable to edit this week's pod. It has unfortunately fallen to me, Andrew, the professional editor, to do it AGAIN. Bloody foreigners.

This week we begin with some antipasti, a delicious meat board of last week's amazing Week 10 games. There's no baloney on this board, it's like constant bresaola. Bresaola kicks ass.

Then, we preview some of Week 11's classiest games- Baltimore @ Dallas, Houston @ Oakland (@ Mexico) and Philly @ Seattle. Find out the definitive facts* on how the Cowboys will handle the Prescott/Romo situation, how Carson Wentz will fare in Boom Town (complete with interruption from Richard 'The Best' Sherman) and what the hell an 80s German pop song has to do with Brock Osweiler and his adventures in Meheeco.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also be making you tonnes of guaranteed money** by jacking into the sci-fi world of Amberish's game-prediction system to figure out probable winners for all 8 divisions! It's a lot of hard work we're all grateful we don't have to do, just like bin man Blake Bortles's job.

All that and not much more on a bumper episode of the NFL20 Podcast! 

Thanks to BioWare and Nena for totally giving us permission to use their wonderful music in this episode.

*not facts really, our opinion
** #notguaranteed