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Sunday, 11 March 2018

NFL20 Ep 32 Part 2

We're back baby!

Yes it's a new record, a new episode merely 5 minutes after the previous one. We must thank Amberish and talented Cleveland Browns fan Anthony, a staunch supporter of our podcast, who built a machine which allows us to slow down time, allowing us to talk at normal speed, edit and upload a podcast in just 5 real world human minutes.


This one is Part 2 of Ep 32 if you're counting, and here we talk about a few rule changes Amberish and Andrew would like to see in the NFL. No mention yet of mandatory weekly wins for the Cleveand Browns yet though, sorry Big Tony.

We go through The Catch Rule, The Intentional Grounding Rule, The Kickoff Rule, and more, including The N-C-Double-A Crack Baby Wrestling League conundrum.

Enjoy, NFL20 fans!

NFL20 Ep 32 Part 1

Ahoy there NFL20 diehards!

Well, although it's the off-season Amberish and Andrew just couldn't leave it alone. Welcome in EP 32- one of many off-season specials (probably about 3 or something) coming your way between now and September.

Despite Andrew skipping the Super Bowl because it was so obviously going to result in a Patriots win, the boys recap that insignificant game. Then, it's on to speculating about which QB will land where in free agency and the draft. Warning, contains copious amounts of information taken from other peoples' mock drafts. Amberish continues to love Sam Bradford, hate Joe Flacco, and is bereft of stats for once.

However, never fear, this is just Part 1 or two parts of this pod, the next of which will be uploaded in mere minutes! Mwaaahahahahahaaaaa!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

NFL20 Ep 31

NFL20 Ep 31

Back Again! Welcome to another episode of the NFL20 podcast, one of the top four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone area.

This week is all about a different flava. We've got some quarterback news, including a segment where we diss Geno Smith, and THE NOTORIOUS!.... IK Enempkali makes an appearance, as does legendary coach Jim Mora.

Speaking of which, we move on to a special rundown of the playoff picture in every division, with Amberish of course providing statistical backup for all his opinions (which are really just reading out stats), thanks to a glorious round of Monte Carlo simulations that have resulted in some interesting findings, and Amberish really wanting to go and lose all his money in Southern France.

Elsewhere, we award our latest DeShaun/Shone/Sean of the Week, and boy is this one a surprise. The defence will literally never see this one coming.

Last but not least, by popular demand, we have re-enlisted our Not-So-Special Guest Alex Kay. We apologize for his long absence, we could not afford his agent fee. He joins us for possibly Amberish's most nonsensical word clue game yet.

Thanks as ever to our 5 fans for listening. And hey, stay tuned in until the very end, you may just find a Marvel-esque outtake waiting for you.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

NFL20 Ep 30- The One With All the Sphincters

NFL20 reaches the grand old 3-0, and Amberish and Andrew celebrate by, erm, talking about NFL.

This week you'll hear interesting facts about the human body and the football fans of LA. We take an in-depth look at a trio of games from the week that was Week 1, and Amberish heroically whizzes through the rest of those games, leaving a destructive trail of jokes in his wake.

Then, naturally, the boyz look forward to the Saints @ Panthers, Seahawks @ Titans and Chiefs @ Chargers tilts. Statistical probabilities of victory are of course provided, but not before we reveal our second DESEAN/SHONE/SHAUN OF THE WEEK winner!

Thanks to all who listen, and responding to fan feedback which felt that Ep 29 left out too much of the endearing banter and bullshit that NFL20 is known for, the guys have chucked all that stuff right back in! Rock 'n roll!

Don't forget everyone, you can tweet us @nfl_20, or email us over 140 characters of abuse at Be like Marta.

Peace out.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Ep 29- Return of the King(s)

Welcome back the fourth biggest NFL studs in the Greater Whetstone area!!

That's right it's Ep 29 of the NFL 20 podcast, Greater Whetstone's fourth most irregular NFL show. After popular demand (three people) demanded our return, we decided to shake off the long, boring off-season, and ignore that snoozeworthy Super Bowl, and get back into action with Week 1 reviews, including the Monday night games which hadn't happened at the time of recording. We called the Saints @ Vikings game slightly wrong, but give Amberish credit for pretty much nailing the Chargers @ Broncos matchup!

Elsewhere, we announce some actual fan-mail (from a GIRL no less), cover Brock Osweiler's handsomeness, and unveil a semi-exciting new weekly award. And if that wasn't enough, we even preview some fiery Week 2 matchups- Patriots @ Saints, Packers @ Falcons, and the Super Bowl preview Eagles @ Chiefs, complete with bettings odds guaranteed to win you money!*. Who needs David Johnson when you have Amberish and Andrew- two fantasy studs! Bwaargh.

This bumper one hour episode goes out to all our loyal fans. Hang about until the end to hear Andrew work remedial tiger penis medicine into an NFL joke! S'brilliant I tell you.

p.s. sorry we didn't make an episode for nine months.

*not guaranteed

Friday, 6 January 2017

Ep 28- Wildcards and Gladrags

It's here- NFL20 Ep 28!

A mere 2 or 3 weeks after our last pod, Whetstone's fourth biggest NFL studs are back with more American Foozball goodness.

This week it's about the Wildcard previews, as teams good and shit from all over the NFL fight over who gets to lose to New England. Even Minnesota has its part to play. Featuring as usual are some terrible puns, two of which we apologize for (and many which we don't). Who's that Other Guy in Oakland's backfield? Will A-A-ron Rodgers outclass Eli in the cold? How in the world can Miami keep up with the Steelers? And just how will ex-basketball player John Fant hold up against a sterling Detroit pass rush? We don't know any of this, but we guessed.

Also included is a free guaranteed* money-making scheme known as Amberish's Superbowl probabilities. Which is ironic because Amberish received a scam phone call during the making of this pod. But our man has shrugged off the heated attentions of 'Kate Mark' at 'Digital Network Services' and laid down the percentages of each team winning the Superb Owl, and one team has come out on top. By quite a long way. And it ain't Miami.

Live long and prosper!

*not guaranteed

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Ep 27- A Sci-Fi Prediction Adventure

Welcome to Ep 27, NFL20 fanboys!

Due to Amberish being utterly swamped with wearing pyjamas, and deciding which pyjamas to wear, he was unable to edit this week's pod. It has unfortunately fallen to me, Andrew, the professional editor, to do it AGAIN. Bloody foreigners.

This week we begin with some antipasti, a delicious meat board of last week's amazing Week 10 games. There's no baloney on this board, it's like constant bresaola. Bresaola kicks ass.

Then, we preview some of Week 11's classiest games- Baltimore @ Dallas, Houston @ Oakland (@ Mexico) and Philly @ Seattle. Find out the definitive facts* on how the Cowboys will handle the Prescott/Romo situation, how Carson Wentz will fare in Boom Town (complete with interruption from Richard 'The Best' Sherman) and what the hell an 80s German pop song has to do with Brock Osweiler and his adventures in Meheeco.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also be making you tonnes of guaranteed money** by jacking into the sci-fi world of Amberish's game-prediction system to figure out probable winners for all 8 divisions! It's a lot of hard work we're all grateful we don't have to do, just like bin man Blake Bortles's job.

All that and not much more on a bumper episode of the NFL20 Podcast! 

Thanks to BioWare and Nena for totally giving us permission to use their wonderful music in this episode.

*not facts really, our opinion
** #notguaranteed