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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2014 Division Winners (after week 8)

Here are the teams The System thinks will in each division:

In Short:
East: Patriots
North: Ravens
South: Colts
West: Broncos
Wild-cards: Bengals, Chargers

East: Eagles
North: Lions
South: Saints
West: Cardinals
Wild-cards: Cowboys, Packers

AFC East: Patriots looking quite comfortable to take the division.

AFC North: Ravens favourites with Bengals potentially pushing them very close.

AFC South: Colts should win this one.

AFC West: Broncos should prove too strong, despite being in a tough division.

AFC Wild-Cards: Bengals and Chargers are favourites to take these spots. Steelers, Chiefs, and Bills are all in with a good shot at making the play-offs.

NFC East: Eagles and Cowboys are almost inseparable, with the Eagles currently having a slight edge.

NFC North: Lions and Packers are both in with a shot of winning, with the Lions ahead by a hair. Will probably come down to the Week 17 match-up between each other.

NFC South: Saints are the favourites, although that could change with this weeks big game against the next best Panthers.

NFC West: Cardinals have almost pulled far enough away from the Seahawks to be outright favourites.

NFC Wild-Cards: Cowboys and Packers (or whichever teams come out worse off in the divisional battles) are the two favourites, with the Seahawks and 49ers in with a good chance too.

Just like last year, I will make a gut Superbowl prediction (it isn't from the system, although it is based on information from the system):

This time when the Broncos make it to the Superbowl they light it up. Just like everyone expected. The greatest offence assembled in many years coupled with a powerful defence proves too much for the surprise package Eagles, who overcome some tough opponents to make it to the big game.
With his new ring, Peyton does retire this time!

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NFL 2014 Week 9 predictions

NO Car
27 24

TB Cle
18 27

Ari Dal
21 23

Phi Hou
25 22

16 27

Jac Cin
14 29

SD Mia
23 20

Was Min
22 23

17 30

Den NE
30 28

Oak Sea
14 30

Bal Pit
24 21

27 23

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

NFL 20 Podcast Episode 10: Looking to London

The tenth episode of One of the Top 4 NFL podcasts in the Greater Whestone area! 

This week we: 

-Discuss last weeks injuries, including the Bills RB woes, 

-Review some of last weeks games, including the Unofficial World title changing hands, 

-We look forward to some of next weeks, especially the London game (with exclusive inside information)

-We also have our usual not-so-special-guest, Alex Kay

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

NFL 2014 Week 8 predictions

SD Den
23 28

Min TB
26 21

21 18

Chi NE
22 30

Sea Car
25 20

Mia Jac
25 14

Bal Cin
22 19

Hou Ten
22 19

18 27

Phi Ari
23 23

Ind Pit
26 21

Oak Cle
18 26

30 26

Det Atl
25 21

Was Dal
21 31

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

NFL 20 Episode 9: Fantasy Special

Episode Nine of the NFL20 Podcast- one of the top four NFL podcasts in the Greater Whetstone area!

This episode is focused on Fantasy Football, looking back at the top performers of the year, the hidden gems who have revealed themselves, and the unexpected duds. We'll also speculate which players will maintain their form and who Andrew thinks is injury-prone.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

NFL 2014 Week 7 predictions

16 31

Atl Bal
19 31

Ten Was
24 24

Sea StL
30 17

Cle Jac
30 15

Cin Ind
25 25

Min Buf
19 23

Mia Chi
21 24

NO Det
22 24

Car GB
22 28

19 25

Ari Oak
26 17

21 25

SF Den
22 27

Hou Pit
20 21