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Thursday, 14 January 2016

NFL20 Episode 23

Welcome to NFL20 Ep 23!

Yes, after another mini-hiatus super-studs Andrew and Amberish are back. Amberish is finally back in the UK, meaning no more Skype podcasts, and you can clearly tell the difference in audio quality (totally).

This week we look at THE DIVISIONAL ROUND, as well as the Wild Card matches that just happened. Dirty, dirty Pittsburgh and 27th-ranked Washington get handled, while our detailed analysis for Carolina v Seattle goes as far as naming one, then all three of the surfaces on which that game will be played. On the way to predicting our Divisional winners we find out some interesting facts about the inventor of Segways, and Amberish's system odds on who'll win the Superb-Owl.

Caution, like every other piece of media released in the last 6 months, contains Star Wars spoilers.