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Thursday, 8 September 2016

NFL 20 Ep 26- Visions of the Future Past

Welcome back one and all for a quickfire look at both the entire NFC offseason, and the much-anticipated Week 1 games!

A laugh-centric intro sets the theme for the episode. Amberish writes up some comedy gold and manages to zip through all 16 NFC teams' offseasons in a nutshell in around 3 mins- a new NFL media record. The question- did we ask Fleetwood Mac if we could use their song while we did it?  I'll say to you what my girlfriend said to me- you shouldn't have to ask, you should just know.

Week 1 games under scrutiny- Bengals @ Jets, Giants @ Cowboys, Patriots @ Cardinals (featuring a mention for little known Patriots practice squadder Manny Bennett. Also apologies to white person Sebastian Vollmer- we confused you, multiple times, for white person Nate Solder), and of course LA @ San Fran, the only game that matters this week.

AND we delve into our future-predictive capabilities by making some outrageous calls on the Panthers @ Broncos game. Which hall of famer turns up hawking Papa Johns? And which starting quarterback will be mercilessly gunned down by law enforcement? (hint- it's the black one).

And as promised- our first multimedia feature; Colin Kaepernick's afro! Fight the power!!

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