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Saturday, 21 November 2015

NFL20 Episode 22

Welcome back to the NFL20 Podcast!
After another ‘brief’ hiatus, Whetstone’s (fourth) finest NFL minds are back with our FOURTH (not third like Andrew said in the pod itself) episode of the season. In Week 11. Naturally.
This installment sees the return of various joyous NFL20 tropes old and new. Amberish gets to rip Rob Ryan properly this time. There’s a mention of the famous 37-Burger, as well as ghostly Hakeem Nicks alter-ego Akiem Hicks, and the return of our perhaps-confusing use of James Bond actors to denote how well Andy Dalton is playing*.
Elsewhere Andrew bets that Peyton Manning will never play again, we learn a fascinating factoid about baked beans, hear some outlandish Superb-Owl picks (not really) and our fans create an almighty ruckus all episode long- by which we mean Andrew’s laptop fans, and he couldn’t remember how to reduce the noise. Trust me, you get used to it eventually.
Are you ready for some PODBAAALLL??!?!

*It’s a Timothy Dalton reference, Sean Connery being the highest rating on the James Bond scale and George Lazenby being the lowest. This scale can only be applied to Andy Dalton, or I suppose if another quarterback comes in the league with a Bond actor’s surname like…Dave Brosnan or something.

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